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Saturday we lost our first home game of the season. After building a 15 point lead in the first half. We could not hold on and lost 87-81. At the end of the game we could not get stops and we were playing the first place team and we gave them more chances then they deserved. I finished with 19 points 5 rebounds 2 assists and 3 steals. We are still in 6th place, and the top 6 teams make the playoffs…..


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Sunday we played the last place team (0-18) and won an ugly but easy game. We were up 61-42 at the half. We won 106-81. The next 4 games are vs the top for teams in the league with 3 out 4 are at home. We have to play well to win all 4 and set us up nicely for the playoffs. I finished with 18 points 3 rebounds 5 assists and 2 steals….

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This past Sunday we pushed our home record to 9-0 with an ugly and I mean ugly 76-62 win. We played awful we turned the ball over missed easy shots didn’t play any defense but we managed to win. We are in 6th place now and our next game is vs the last place team in the league and then we play the top 5 teams in a row, so this will be BIG games for us. The league decided this week that only 6 teams instead of 8 will make the playoffs this year. The league waits until the middle of the season to decide this after whole time every team thought it would be 8 teams. Last game I finished with 17 points and 5 rebounds….

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I would like to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year(late I know). We split our last two games. The last game before the Christmas break we won in overtime 102-96 I finished with 19 points 5 rebounds 4 assists and 3 steals. Our last game this past weekend we lost 94-86. We were winning 45-40 at the half. Going into the 4th quarter we were down 72-60. A 17 point swing in 10 minutes we cut their lead to 1 with 2:35 to go but we had way too many turnovers(21 total) to win, we are in 6th place with for 14 games to go. I finished 25 points 4 rebounds and 4 assists. In this game I missed 4 free throws finishing 5-9 just plain AWFUL.

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