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Last night our season ended with 102-71 blowout. As I said in a previous post this was the best team in the league and they showed it. They were up at halftime 42-39 and in the 3rd quarter they absolutely destroyed us. They outscored us 33-11 and the game was over from that point. I finished with 26 points 5 rebounds and 2 steals. Now with the season over its time to get ready for next season the work is never over.

My stats for the season: 17.3 points 6.7 rebounds 3 assists 1.3 steals 1.7 turnovers per game. 53% from the field 43% from 3 and 86% from the free throw line.


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Last night we lost the first game of our 3 game quarterfinal series 87-75. We were up at the half 38-35 and they outscored us 32-13 in the 3rd. Game 2 is Easter Sunday night. I finished with 15 points 7 rebounds 3 assists and 3 steals and I was an awful 6-15 shooting 1-7 from 3.

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As of two weeks ago we needed 1 win to clinch a playoff spot. With 2 games left and all we needed was just 1 win I thought for sure it would be no problem. We lost the last 2 games of the regular season 88-83 and 91-83. Our season finale was on Friday and the team that was tied with us in the loss column didn’t play until Saturday. See the team that was tied with us, if they would have won we were out of the playoffs and with a loss we were in. So a couple of guys on my team went to the game and they were sending updates every 5 minutes. It is completely nerve racking getting score updates via whats app. In the end the team we needed to lose, lost we backed our  way into the playoffs. We arrive in the playoffs on a 2 game losing streak playing the most talented team in the league that swept us in the regular season: 89-62 and 88-83 (yes the same team that beat us 2 weeks ago). So we have our work cut out for us. WIN OR GO HOME

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With 2 games left in the regular season and we are currently in 5th place(top 6 make the playoffs). The next 2 games are vital we win both we are in, if we split the next two we will need a team behind us in the standings to drop a game. Our past 2 games we won 84-75 and 108-85 I finished with 29 points 8 rebounds 4 assists 1 steal and 20 points 4 rebounds 3 assists and 3 steals. I am Looking forward to the next two games…….

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