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This is the biggest offseason news i have so far. Because everyone keeps asking me what is going on and my friend Gerrit Major just signed with Charleroi for two seasons. I want to be the first to let everyone know : I signed with Bree for one more season. For all the Bree fans that are happy with the news i will see you next season and for all the ones who are upset that i signed back sorry but you will see me again next season. I want next season to be even better than last year. I want a championship!!!!!!!!!


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Last night saw the end of a disappointing series, but not a disappointing season.  It’s hard to say we had a great season by the way it ended, but looking back over the course of the season we had a great season.  If you count the regular season and the playoffs, our record is 29-12. In the game last night it was more of the same, we jumped out to a big lead, we held them to 2 points in the second quarter (that’s right 2 points) carrying a 28-17 lead at halftime.  In the second half we controlled most of the game and just like game 1 we didn’t do the little things to help us win. I’ve always heard that if you want to win you have to defend, rebound and make free throws, you have to do all three.  We lost the game 61-59 and we were 6-14 from the free throw line.  Our coach has been preaching to us you have to do the little things, and last night in a 59-59 game with 17sec left we give up an uncontested layup with 3sec to go to lose the championship.  They swept us, I don’t even know what to say more, I’m sick.  Even though our team left the floor, I knew Charleroi was celebrating and cutting our nets down. I want to thank the fans for being supportive, team mates, coaching staff and the front office for a great season and looking forward to next year.

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Game two didn’t go as planned. We were run off the floor by a team that played better than we did.  Plain and simple.  In a must-win game, we didn’t do the things necessary to win.  We lost 88-70 to put ourselves in the hole 0-2 in the best of 5 series.  Saturday night will be game three and I don’t have to tell you what happens if we don’t win because if we don’t win summer vacation will start.  And it’s weird to say, but I’m not ready for that just yet. The difference in the first two games are our inability to make shots, myself included,  in the first two games 1-11 shooting, so you can tell this is the reason why we are losing.  People have always said that defense win championships but if you don’t make shots you don’t win a championship either. I know Charleroi is thinking that the series is over and they think they are going to sweep us BUT we can’t let that happen, that is the worst way to end the season. So for Saturday’s game you can bring out all the cliches : Our backs are against the wall, it’s do or die, it’s all or nothing, it’s a must-win, we have to show some pride, loosing is not an option. But it all comes down to we have to play better and for us it comes down to a one-game scenario : if we lose it’s over, so we have to play like that.

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Last night started the highly anticipated final between us and charleroi. Game one like all game ones was a feeling-out process to get the nerves and the over-excitement out of your body and more importantly gauge how the referees are calling the game. So you can understand the low scoring for this game : it was 31-30 at halftime for charleroi. It was a very tough defensive game as everyone has expected considering that we finished the regular season as the best teams in Belgium in all defensive categories. It was a back and forth game all night we eventually took the game over in the forth quarter. With 3:14 left in the game we were up 62-53 with control of the game. We didn’t make the plays down the stretch and we gave away the lead and it was tied 66-66 at the end of regulation. In overtime were more bad plays by us on the offensive and defensive end. We lost the game 75-71 giving away our home court advantage but we for sure will not play this bad for the rest of the series. How bad did we play? This is how bad: we were 26-68 from the floor 38% and 7-25 from 3 28% and 12-21 from the free throw line 57% so as you can see we didn’t shoot it well and still had a chance to win it. Game two is Thursday night in charleroi and being down 0-1 in a best of 5 series is NOTHING. Remember the 2001 nba finals between the sixers and the lakers? here is a recap of that final lakers best record in the league (just like us) and lost game at home (just like us) and the lakers won 4 games straight to become champions (just like us?).

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Playoff game no 2 vs Aalst – Finals here we come

My first finals EVER (not including the ones on my playstation).  Although I played in the Belgian cup final last year, it’s not the same.  We are 3 wins away from being Belgian champions.  Last night we completed the sweep of Aalst, we did not play well and we were down as many as 8 points in the second half but we overcame that to win.  I played 24mins, I had 17 points, 3 reb and 1 steal, all in the second half.  We knew it was going to be tough because it’s the playoffs and they beat Ostend to make it to this round.  They shot the ball very well and like I said before it’s the toughest place to play in Belgium, their fans are crazy (in a good way) and they sit right on the court.  There were a lot of our fans at the game last night to see us advance to the finals. This is the team’s 3rd final in 4 years (champions in 2004-2005), so great things are expected of us. We play Charleroi, the team with the highest budget, they have been to the finals 10 times since 1995 and won the title 5 times.  We are up against a dynasty, but I know we are ready for the challenge.  Because we finished the regular season in first place, we have home-court advantage and I know the fans are going to do everything they can to help us win the title, the atmosphere is going to be fantastic.

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Playoff game no 1 vs Aalst

We couldn’t ask for a better start for the playoffs, winning game 1 is very important. We dominated the game defensively, at half time we were up 36-25. The second half was more of the same, we won the game 75-60. The beauty of a team sport is when you don’t play well, you have teammates there to take up the slack.  Tonight I was 0-4 shooting, 19mins, 1reb and 1 block shot (yes – I finally got one).  And I am as happy as can be because we are one game closer to making the finals. After the game tonight you could tell we had 9 days off since the last game, we were 8-26 from 3 and 9-17 from the free-throw line.  But as the saying goes, defense never slumps. Our next game is Thursday in Aalst, the toughest place to play in Belgium. We win Thursday, we are in the finals.  The atmosphere is totally different than the regular season, it’s the playoffs, the fans were great for a middle of the week game. Looking forward to it on Thursday.

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Bree vs Charleroi – last regular season game

The battle for 1st place took place last night and I have a weird feeling, because although we lost the game 72-67 I’m still happy.  This is the first time in my life I have ever been happy after a loss.  We are tied for first place after our loss yesterday, but we have the point differential ahead of them.  They had to beat us with 21 points to overtake 1st place from us.  We started off like they were going to get the 21 point victory because at the end of the 1st quarter we were down 18-5.  Yes, we only scored 5 points in 10 minutes.  And between the first and the second quarter coach told us, if we would lose the game by 21 points or more it would be the BIGGEST embarrassment of our lives.  We played better in the second, third and fourth quarter to keep the game close, in the end losing by 5 but in a way it’s a victory. There was some mild drama during the game when we were down 13 points with 2:29 minutes to go, they were pressing us and Tabu fouls me and their coach didn’t think it was a foul and he goes crazy getting two technical fouls and getting ejected.  We made all 6 free throws to cut the lead to 7 points and the momentum of the game completely changed.  We finished losing by 5 which is a moral victory and finishing in first place for the season. I had 26 points 2 rebounds 2 asst 2 steals and 2 turnovers, i was 8-9 from the floor (3-4 from 3) and 7-9 from the free throw line (my mother HATES missed free throws) Now we have a week off to get ready for the semi finals.

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Bree vs Gent

In the typical first place vs the last place we came into the game with a MUST win attitude. As you know our last game vs Pepinster we are awful and Charleroi is right behind us fighting for first place. We got off to a fast start going up 48-24 at halftime and going up as many as 31 points in the second half. I don’t know if we let up or we thought they were going to roll over since they are in last place and only have won 5 games all season and before the game guys on their team were saying that they were going back home on Monday but for whatever reason they came back cutting the lead to just 6 points with less than 2 minutes to go. We pulled it off at the end winning 95-84. Thus setting up the BIG SHOWDOWN Saturday vs Charleroi the number one vs the number two team for the regular season title and a berth in the the Uleb Cup. My personal performance i was happy with: i played 22 minutes (the most this season) 10-11 from the field and 7-7 from 3 point line finishing with 27 points,2 rebounds, 2 assists and 1 steal being named MVP of the round. During a timeout last night after i made my 5th three pointer my teammate Brian Lynch leans over to me and tells me “that’s impressive i am coming to your camp if you can teach me to shoot like that”. That’s why Brian is the team comedian.

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Bree vs Pepinster

No defense, no rebounding, NO VICTORY. In last night’s game vs Pepinster we were totally outplayed, we gave up 91 points at home and only had 28 rebounds as a team for the game.  The score was closer than the game actually was, the scoreboard read 91-89 but it felt like we lost by 20. We actually lost to a team wearing pink uniforms, that’s right pink, like the color women and little girls wear.  And we were the ones playing like women.  It was not a good night for any of us, we are so close to wrapping up the regular season title and we came out and played awful.  There are two games left in the regular season and Charleroi is one game behind us. We have to come out and play 100% better Wednesday than we did last night. I know from the fan’s perspective it had to look worse than actually playing in it, and playing in it was bad. The assistant coach from the Chicago Bulls was at the game and I wonder what he thinks about us playing like that being in first place.  I hate to use the term wake-up call but that’s what that was, we have been winning games with one or two points and not playing great, now we lost, so now we know if we want to be champions we have to play A LOT better.

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Bree vs Antwerp

Another one point victory for our team.  This game had double meaning because we had 3 days off after last week’s game against Liege, which is rare this time of season so we had to win in order to get ANY days of for the rest of the season.  It was a tough game and we didn’t play very smart, but a win is a win.  We blew a 10-point lead with 4 minutes to go, we were only up 1 point with 19sec to go and they had the ball, and their point guard, as he dribbles to the basket, lost the ball and we picked it up as time expires, another close very close victory.  Our magic number to be the regular season champion, to secure a first round bye for the playoffs, is two victories. We have 3 regular season games to go, so they are very important.  Odell Hodge, our starting center, already asked for scissors to cut down the nets after we clinch the regular season title. So you see how big of a deal this is, it will be the first time in team history they finish first in the regular season.  But for me the bigger deal is winning the playoffs.  So don’t think we are just going to be satisfied with being regular season champions.

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