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It took longer to write my blog because I had to get my thoughts together.  We lost the game yesterday.  And that was not the bad part … I lost it in the last minutes of the game when the referee called a foul on me that I didn’t agree with. I know – I have known all my life – that when the ref calls something there is nothing you can do about it.  But I went over to him and showed him I had the ball, only the ball and that he shouldn’t have called that foul. But like I said I lost it and went over to him, and we bumped in to each other (with other team mates shuffling around us) and I got kicked out of the game. My attempt was just to show him I had the ball, nothing more and he sees it like that too.  I went over to him after the game and he said it was no big deal, he wasn’t thinking about it anymore.  Thinking back, it was not just the referee, I was frustrated with the way I was playing, and I took it out on him.  I have to say I am not proud of this, I am embarrassed because I reacted that way.  Everybody who knows me knows I’m not like that. I made a big mistake, I want to apologize to the referee, my coach, my teammates and the staff, and everybody who witnessed it. Because this is not how I play the game I love so much, not how I live my life.  But like my wife said – once she calmed down – everybody makes mistakes in their life, but because I am a professional it affects more people and I should have known better and be an example.  So this was a bad example. And that’s what I feel most bad about. I’m sorry.


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Zwevezele Game

To start off I have to say i am sorry for talking bad about the the gym in Gent. Why ? Because i have seen a gym worse than that. Hard to believe? I think not. This place was the worst gym ever. First of all there was construction on the street where the gym was so the bus had to park 2 blocks away and we had to walk in the mud to the gym. Once we got into the gym we were shocked because the floor was not wood but it looked like my lunchroom floor in school when i was 10 years old. There were 100 lines on the floor, you could not tell which lines were which you didn’t know if the line was for basketball, handball, volleyball, netball, or indoor soccer. (strange) Theteam didn’t know Odell Hodge and Kevin Reed were not going to play until we got there. But Jeff Horner played for the first time this season, so we lost 2 and got 1. We had to play different lineups than we normally play vs a good Zwevezele team, they are tough physical team. We had a 12 point lead at half time and in the 3rd quarter we got up 17 points and then the game got a little ridiculous. Zwevezele realized they could not beat us so they starter acting like watjes flopping and falling down everywhere drawing flagrant fouls making the game closer than it really was. The final score was 77-68, I finished the game with 17 points, 6 rebounds, 2steals, 1 assist, and 5 turnovers (I’m blaming this on the 100 lines – lol).

There is one more thing i have to bring up is that my buddy Duke Tshomba said on his website i had the best blog in Belgium. He said I was funny and he can’t stop laughing when he reads it. I have never had a blog talking about my blog but thanks Duke for saying good things about my blog. I have one thing to say to Duke because he said in his blog how can i say Bree would make the playoffs in first division when we lost so bad to Mons. Duke, Mons beat Pepinster by 30 points and i know we are better than Leuven, Gent, Pepinster, and right now Oostende. Its a fact…………

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Last night we had a tough night.   Mons’ physical defense caused us problems.  With  teams in second division we can pass and shoot whenever we want but versus first division teams  it  is different because  their defense is better shots are a lot harder to take and we struggled all night.  We shot 32%  from the field they shot 60% for the game they even banked in 2 shots.  They had 2 guys go 100% from 3 who have not made a 3 all season.  The best part of the whole night were the referees and not both just one in particular . This idiot calls 2  technical fouls and a flagrant foul in a close cup game that totally changed the momentum around we  went from being up to tied in a matter of no time.  That ref needs to understand NO ONE  is there to watch him and he should NEVER EVER decide the outcome of the game.  The difference between a good ref and bad ref is that a good ref you don’t even know that the ref is there.  Word to all refs DON’T DECIDE THE OUTCOME OF THE GAME.  Am I saying  the ref lost the game for us?    No, but he changed the momentum at a  crucial  part the game.

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Last night’s game was just like every game we have played this season. No disrespect to Boom but we used this game for the BIG CUP GAME VS MONS on Wednesday. Everything we did was to get us ready for Mons. Mons is one of the best teams in Belgium, they are talented from top to bottom they have very good guards and big men. We have to play our best game to beat them but i know we are ready. About the game yesterday we blasted them from the start to the finish winning 99-64. We had 6 players to score 11 points or more. That is the balance we will need on Wednesday. My stats were 11points 8 rebounds and 5 assists.

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Last night we took on Gent for our fifth game of the season. The game had a weird feel from the beginning. It may have started from the fact we arrived at the gym 35 minutes before tip-off, or it could have been the size of the gym that may have threw us off. You have to realize something, to some showing up 35 minutes before tip-off seems normal but when you have guys who are 30 plus years old after riding a bus for 2 hours the legs get a little stiff.  So we got to the locker room and changed as fast as we could and tried to get a good warm-up in before the tip. The funny thing about the whole running behind was that we could not get dressed fast enough because we were ALL STUNNED at the fact of how small this gym was… When i say small i mean small, think of the smallest gym you have ever been to and yes it’s smaller than that. I have been to garages in peoples homes that were bigger than this gym. It did not have a wood floor and the court was not the actual size of a normal basketball court. We did our pre-game meeting outside yes OUTSIDE but coach told us “you have to be willing to play anywhere, anybody, at anytime”. So we as players went out and did our jobs but it was not easy at all, their coach had a great game plan he used the small court to his advantage by pressing us and playing a 3-2 match up zone, very smart move on his part. The press and zone mixed in with the small court caused us some problems keeping the game close, we only had a 6 point lead at halftime. With only a 4 point lead after the 3rd quarter our big guys took over and we ended up winning 89-72 with a rebound margin 53-26.  That is dominating the boards. My stats for the game 10 points, 12 rebounds, 6 assists with 4 turnovers. I was 4 assists short of a triple-double maybe next time.

It was great to see a bus load of Bree fans come to the game yesterday as a player that makes you feel really good to see familiar faces on the road. Thanks alot. Hartelijk Bedankt

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Another big win

Today we played Waregem and we won the game 93-55.  We are as surprised as anybody else because on Friday they played Hasselt and me, Odell, Jeff and coach saw them play and they beat Hasselt, their first loss of the season. We had a lot of respect for them by watching them and today we totally dominated them on both ends of the court.  Today was our best defensive effort of the season.  We had 9 guys on our team score today and everybody played well, coach was very pleased and I think the fans are too.  Even though my wife says that it is not fun to watch, that we beat teams too bad.  I finished the game with 18 points, 3 rbs, 1 steal, 1turnover and 2 assists.  A few teammates and I went to see Liege Antwerp on Saturday, and I can say with full confidence that I know for a fact that we would make the playoffs in first division.

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Last night was a blowout victory for us as we beat last place Nivelles 102-69. We dominated the game from the start jumping all over them 34-21 at the end of the first quarter. We kept the pressure on with the score 55-36 at the half. We had 7 players score at least 10 points because our ball movement was great as a team we had 26 assists. I finished the game with 6 points 3 steals and 6 assists. Our next game is Wednesday vs Welvelgem on the road for the round 16 for the Belgian Cup. The winner gets Mons in quarter-finals in October.

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A bad win is better than a good loss

After our first home game of the season I had the worst feeling ever about a win.  We did not play well, and I especially didn’t play well.  I was 5-14 from the field, 3 rbs, 2 steals, 3 to and 3 assists.  We started off well and should have been able to turn it in to an easy win in the first quarter, but for some reason this didn’t happen.  Our defense was bad, our shooting was worse and at certain points in the game they played harder than us.  Coach asked us an interesting question if anybody on the team had fun, and every person said no, which is a weird thing because the games are supposed to be fun.  There was a decent crowd and we have to play much better.  And we will, the next two weeks we have two more home games and an exhibition game versus a Euroleague team, so we have to get it going in the right direction. We won 77-69, but like I said before it wasn’t a good win.

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Today in big letters in the paper : Bree players on strike.  Funny, why did I have to get up this morning to go to the weight room, and what about later on tonight, does that mean I don’t have to go at 5?  Tuesday we watched film, and yesterday we had workouts, I thought the concept of a strike was that you DON’T go to work at all, you don’t show up, or you show up and sit outside, do nothing, not break a sweat.  And then the article quoted an anonymous source saying we were on strike, a Bree player, that means you can basically make up anything and then say you got it from an anonymous source.  And who talks to a journalist and asks him not to quote him, don’t talk to him at all or be a man and admit you were the one saying it. 

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In the first game of the season vs Mechelen we got a taste of what the season is going to be like.  From the fans, the team, and even the PA announcer.  As he was calling out the line-ups he made a rude and classless comment by saying here comes bree with their team of international professional players. There was also a sign up in the gym thanks bree, thanks federation.  They are mad because the rule on international players in the second division changed right before the season, this rule was already going to change, bree had nothing to do with this.  As slow as everything goes in this country, do they really think Bree could change this up in two months? 

We won 97-78, we didn’t play well, we turned the ball over too much, didn’t shoot well, no great defense but we still won.  Plus, I had to play the point guard this game, and everybody that knows me, knows how much I like to dribble… I had 16 points, 4rbs, 6 assists, 4 steals and only 1 turnover in 30minutes BUT I was 4-14 from the field (3-9 from 3) and 5-6 from the free-throw line. I was happy to see so many LOYAL fans, I hope to see more and more of them every game.

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