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3 DAYS …

Just in case some of you out there don’t know the American presidential election will be decided in 3 days.  Even though it’s hard not to notice, because even on the Belgian news they are counting down.  I never talked politics on here before and I am not here to endorse any one candidate but my wife gets extremely mad at me because all I have been doing the past month is looking at CNN, the Internet, I have watched all the debates, read hundreds of political blogs and the website for both candidates.  She says she is ready for the decision to be made because she doesn’t want to wake up at 2 in the morning hearing somebody talk about McCain or Obama on tv.  I have read at least 50 polls from different states, ethnic, economical backgrounds and that made me come up with my Belgian poll.  I went around to 100 random Belgians and had them answer some questions.

How important is the US election to you?

  • very important 13%
  • important 46%
  • so-so 26%
  • not important 15%
  • unsure 0%

If you could vote who would you vote for?

  • McCain 13%
  • Obama 80%
  • Other 7%

What is your overall view of America/Americans

  • very good 0%
  • good 13%
  • average 67%
  • bad 20%
  • very bad 0%
  • no view 0%

Should race matter when voting for a candidate?

  • yes 13%
  • no 87%

Should gender matter when voting for a candidate?

  • yes 13%
  • no 87%

Should religious background matter when voting for a candidate?

  • yes 40%
  • no 60%

I was really surprised at the interest a lot of Belgians have in the American Presidential election.  Belgians have very strong opinions about the elections, and they genuinely want what is best for the US because what is best for the US is best for the world.  Because the overall view of the States in the world is NOT very good right now, I already knew that but the poll confirms it.  We will see what Tuesday brings…  I know I will be up watching it.  I’m sorry Miek.


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March Madness

It’s that time of year again, for the NCAA tournament better known as March Madness.  And yes, I get MAD about it.  It’s the time of year where you cheer for teams, where you may not know the players or coach, or where the school is located.  Everyone has their own philosophy and strategy to pick the final four teams and have the winning bracket.  It is as big here as in the states, well at least in the locker rooms with numerous discussions going on game after game.  Because of course it is an American thing, people not related to basketball over here don’t know anything about the Madness.  No matter what your occupation is, you probably have an office pool going, and some money on it.  What makes March Madness so special, is that you get to watch kids between the ages of 18 and 22 play with so much emotion and passion to become champion, because every game is a one-game playoff.  This is one of the few sporting events, no matter how crazy a pick is, it could be right (George Mason making the final four).  That’s probably why my wife has beaten me every year. Which ends this year…

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